Online Top Up and
Billing Machine

“TermsabuyPlus” Top Up Machine services diverse function such as mobile top-up, paying bills, and other more services than other. Especially, money transfer for Krung Thai Bank, electricity bill, or buying Compulsory Motorcycle Insurance


The outstanding quality of online Top Up machine “TermsabuyPlus”is the diverse and different functions and services from other types of Top Up machine locating in front of the convenient stores which are:

  • Service in 5 languages : Thai, English, Myanmar, Melayu, and Khmer
  • Support all banknotes and coins
  • Burglar alarm system
  • 3 hours uninterruptible power supply in case of power cut
  • Software damage checking and reparing via online or Cloud system
  • 24 hours after-sales service and information inquiries
  • Problem-solving for mistake of Top Up to wrong number or network, and failure of Top Up


Mobile Top Up / Extra Promotion

AIS One-2-Call

AIS Extra Promotion

True Move H Pre-Paid

True Move H Extra Promotion


DTAC Extra Promotion

My by CAT


Monthly Bill Payment

Electricity and Water Bills

Provincial Electricity Authority

Credit card / Credit


First Choice

Quick Cash

Products and other services


Deposit / Transfer via bank

Krung Thai



Post-paid mobile / Internet

Post-paid mobile

AIS Post-Paid

DTAC Post-Paid

True Move H Post-Paid


True Online

AIS Fiber Net


True Visions

True Convergence

Wallet Top Up / Games Top Up

Wallet Top Up

True Money Cash Card

True Money Cash Top UP

Mpay Wallet Top Up

Online Games


Winner Card

Ran Online


Vplay Gold

TOT Prepaid