Drink Vending Machine

Simple Maintenance Robust and Durable
Anti-Thief 400 Baht for monthly electricity bill


  • Support can / plastic bottle / glass bottle
  • 400-700 pieces capacity
  • New Technology for Power Saving
  • Electricity System 200V x 50 Hz (normal plug-in)
  • Support cold drink
  • Short Circuit Control System
  • Internal and External Installation

Service and Accountability

1. The company is responsible for installation expense.

2. The company shall coordinate with the staff of the installation venue for survey and installing.

3. The company’s staff shall provide machine maintenance constantly by

  • Top up sufficient products for service
  • Cleaning and checking the opeartion system to be utilizable
  • Collecting cash from the machine and report sale volume monthly

4. The company shall be responsible for all damages of Drink Vending Machine.

5. The company prepares the money claim form in case the system failure .